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Please leave daddy now, my sweet little girl
I'm tired of whispering those words of comfort
'Cause I just don't believe in them anymore
So leave daddy here, staring out the window
At those rainbows I'm inclined to pursue
Go on and take her away with you
Daddy's little princess
Take her away from here

How in God's Name am I to live with this pain
When all hell breaks loose around here
This used to be a quiet neighbourhood
Take her away from this place and be good to her
Leave an old man to his armchair and his two-dollar suit
Go on take her away from here, for you know that you should

How will the world speak my name in years to come?
Well,… it simply won't
'Cause every generation will scorn the next and its songs
And I hate to burst your bubble
But this is as good as it gets
So leave an old man to his armchair and those nasty regrets
Take her away from here and do it now
Take her away from this place

Come on kid, go on, I'll be ok
I still can walk and talk, I was born here, I'll stay
I won't leave this place to that urban rabble
Though I must be thankful somehow
Cause if it weren't for pickpockets, I'd have no sex life at all
So go on take her away from me
And leave me with these pimps and whores
And little, innocent…
Black corn-row girls in their p*** show furs
Black corn-row girls in their p*** show

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