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All Brentnall

English experimental noise project founded in 1991 which released many cassettes and vinyls (often in small quantities) until the project started to wind down in the late 1990s. After the last releases came out in 2001 the project was essentially defunct.

After an extremely active period of recording between 1992 and 1998, Mlehst returned in 2005 to bring back his unique experimental noise music in a fashion as focused and intriguing as ever. "Vilification of the English Peasant Class" is a 3-track LP composed of invigorating and often unsettling music replete with drones, feedback, and cut-ups. The first side is very structured and precise, whereas the second side presents a more improvised and intense variation on the themes presented in the former. This is sure to appeal to fans of noise, drone, and experimental music in general.

Releasing an extensive number of recordings since 1992, England's Mlehst has always managed to capture the more experimental regions of noise music. His own Bandaged Hand Produce label was rather prolific in this realm as well. With his return in 2005 (and the establishment of Belief Recordings) we can only hope this trend will continue. Mlehst has released on a variety of labels over the years, including Self Abuse, Mother Savage, Absurd, Drahtfunk, Nihilist, and The Locus Of Assemblage. Additionally he has collaborated with or been released on splits with Runzelsturn & Gurgelstock, Brume, Smell & Quim, Crack Fierce, and Macronympha.

Site: freewebs.com/mlehst

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