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Lost officially came together in the middle of 2003, through the friendship of the band's singer Walter Fontana, and the guitarist Roberto Visentin, who were soon joined by the drummer Filippo Spezzapria, bassist Matthew Miller and guitarist Giulio Dalla Stella. A few months after their formation they played their first show at a local festival.

The publication of their demo track My (?) on MySpace in 2006 proved to be an unexpected success amongst the social network users. Following this, Lost signed a contract with Bass Department records and the producers Matteo Franzan and Stefano Florino, in 2006.

In the middle of 2007 the group signed up for the Cornetto Free Music Audition and was chosen by the director of the TRL Extra Live Italian Music channel. Thanks to this, and the showing of their music video Oggi (Italian for "Today"), Lost was talent-spotted by the record company Carosello, who offered the band a contract in September 2007

The single Oggi was released on 15 November 2007, and the following week entered the Italian singles chart in twenty-seventh place, mainly thanks to the single's promotion on MTV Italy. At the end of the year, Lost was nominated as the best Italian "riempipiazza 2007" (Meaning the band which could best fill a town square during their show), beside other Italian and international artists. In the new year, the band released their second single Tra pioggia e nuvole (Between rain and clouds) which was also promoted by TRL.

In the middle of 2008, Lost opened two dates of Tokio Hotel's Italian tour, in Rome and in Modena.

Lost’s debut album, XD, was released in January 2008 and remained in the charts all year long, getting the golden album award. Their second album, Sospeso, followed on the heels of their ultra-successful lost live @ mtv.it DVD and went gold in just a few weeks. The new album’s first single was “Sulla mia pelle” featuring Joel Madden of Good Charlotte. In 2008, Lost were the exclusive opening act of Simple Plan and Tokio Hotel and their 40-date 2009 tour has been sold out. In 2009, they also won the TRL Award as Best Band against international artists like Tokio Hotel, Jonas Brothers and Take That.

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