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The sound of the Scandinavian jazz landscape combined elegantly with global ingredients…
Kokko Quartet plays recognizably Scandinavian jazz but draws influences from Indian and Arabic music as well as Cuban rhythms, thus creating a distinctive overall sound. Established in 2010 and based in Helsinki, the group performs songs written by pianist Johanna Pitkänen, saxophone player Kaisa Siirala and bass player Timo Tuppurainen. Together with drummer Risto Takala, these four musicians share an interest in free expression, jazz and world music. Intuitively, they move through the music with a spirit of great freedom in their interplay. Kokko Quartet has released two albums, Like a River (2013) and Orient Express (2016).

Kaisa Siirala, saxophones and flutes
Johanna Pitkänen, piano and keys
Timo Tuppurainen, bass
Risto Takala, drums

The Kokko is a mythical bird from the myths of Finland. The Kokko bird lives in Kalevala which features as the central city in the epic sagas of Finnish belief. When Louhi a powerful sorcerer stole the light from the northland, all fell into darkness but Ukko a supreme god made a quick attempt to bring back light to the world. Ukko created a spark of light from the fiery feathers of the Kokko… The word Kokko in ancient Finnish language means 'eagle' and is used to refer to the bonfires that are lit on summer nights to repel evil spirits.

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