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Renaud aka Kinetik Flux made his first steps into the music world in 2005 playing the guitar, he entered the psychedelic scene and developped a strong interest for electronic music composition. Soon enough, in 2011 : his artistic direction in music was clear, and since then, he has been progressivly establishing him self as an experimental, diversified and mostly dark oriented psytrance artist.
'' I cofounded the FractalFamily, a party organization crew, which allowed me to embrace this sphere quite efficiently. Nowadays, I wake up every day with one goal in mind : to produce quality music. My life constantly orbits around my passion and there is nothing else I could love more than music. Hope to find you freaks somewhere in the deepest corners of my brain or at least, on a dancefloor. Big up and Boom! ''
I give you my body, I dedicate my life to you, you are my salvation, my illness. Of all girls, music its you that I have chosen .

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