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Dove Award winning recording artist Kerry Livgren celebrates two decades since his first solo album with the release of The Best of Kerry Livgren. A contemporary retrospective, the CD highlights his diverse songwriting and composition, both past and current.

Renown for his poetic lyrics and innovative compositions, this collection showcases Mr. Livgren's ability to musically reinvent himself over a twenty year period. Working interchangeably as songwriter, arranger, guitarist, keyboardist, drummer, engineer and producer – Kerry creates music that is uniquely personal, in both solo and collaborative contexts.

For this collection, Kerry started with 11 personal favorites from 9 releases. Four of these songs were revisited with completely new recordings, with original vocalists Warren Ham, Michael Gleason and Ronnie James Dio. All other previously released tracks have been remastered by Kerry, himself. Concluding the album are two brand new songs, including the new single, "When You Walk."

Kerry Livgren first came to mainstream attention with the progressive-rock band, Kansas, penning such hits as "Dust in the Wind" and "Carry on Wayward Son." Kerry recently reunited with the band to compose their acclaimed 2000 release, Somewhere to Elsewhere (Magna Carta records).

Album: Seeds of Change (Sony, 1980)
Songs: "To Live for the King", "Ground Zero" (new recordings)
Album: Time Line (CBS, 1984)
Songs: "Time Line" (new recording)
Album: Art of the State (Kerygma, 1985)
Songs: "The Fury" (re-mastered)
Album: Reconstructions (Kerygma, 1986)
Songs: "Exiles" (new recording)
Album: One of Several Possible Musiks (Sparrow, 1989)
Compositions: "And I Saw As it Were Konelrad" (enhanced and remastered), "Eerie Cove" (re-mastered)
Album: When Things Get Electric (Numavox, 1995)
Songs: "Smoke Is Rising"
Album: Odyssey Into the Mind's Eye (Numavox, 1997)
Composition: "Utopian Dream"
Album: Prime Mover II (1998, Numavox)
Songs: "Incantos" (re-mastered)
Album: Collector's Sedition, Volume I (2000 Numavox)
Song: "The Navigator" (re-mastered)
New songs: "White Light", "When You Walk"

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