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Keith Green (2) ‎– The Ministry Years Vol. 1 - 1977-1979
Pop, Folk, World, & Country

Because Of You 2:57
How Can They Live Without Jesus 3:10
Walk And Talk 2:37
Run To The End Of Highway 3:11
Your Love Broke Through 3:30
The Victor 4:25
Thank You Jesus 2:57
The Prodigal Son Suite 12:21
Stained Glass 2:50
Go To The Hungry Ones 3:04
Love With Me (Melody's Song) 3:23
You Put This Love In My Heart 3:32
There Is A Redeemer 3:13
No One Believes In Me Anymore 3:23
On The Road To Jerico 3:25
You! 3:38
When I Hear The Praises Start 4:27
Asleep In The Light 4:29
He'll Take Care Of The Rest 4:02
Make My Life A Prayer To You 3:23
Easter Song 3:59
When There's Love 2:56
The Battle Is Already Won 3:32
Pledge My Head To Heaven 3:55
My Eyes Are Dry 2:06
Song To My Parents (I Only Want To See You There) 4:04
Trials Turned To Gold 3:28
Dust To Dust 4:07
I Can't Believe It 3:40
To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice 3:23
Soften Your Heart 2:52
I Don't Wanna Fall Away From You 3:12
Here Am I, Send Me 3:45
I Can't Wait To Get To Heaven 4:12
Dear John Letter (To The Devil) 3:23
Rushing Wind 3:44
Don't You Wish You Had The Answers 3:22
Altar Call (Live Version)

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