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Keith Green (2) ‎– The Ministry Years, 1980-1982, Volume 2
Pop, Folk, World, & Country

You Are The One! 2:39
A Billion Starving People 3:50
If You Love The Lord 4:05
When I First Trusted You 3:53
O God Our Lord 3:49
Grace By Which I Stand 4:49
Only By Following Jesus 3:10
The Sheep And The Goats 7:48
The Lord Is My Shepherd (23rd Psalm) 4:10
Unless The Lord Builds The House 3:56
Summer Snow 4:11
Lies 3:42
Open Your Eyes 4:02
I Will Give Thanks To The Lord (Psalm 9) 1:47
Romans VII 3:24
Keith's Piano Prelude 4:16
Create In Me A Clean Heart 4:20
So You Wanna Go Back To Egypt 4:36
How Majestic Is Thy Name 3:59
Scripture Song Medley 3:51
Until That Final Day 4:38
Cut The Devil Down 3:11
I Want To Be More Like Jesus 4:20
The Promise Song 3:21
Jesus Commands Us To Go! 5:11
Holy, Holy, Holy 3:40
Jesus Is Lord Of All! 2:32
Oh Lord, You're Beautiful 4:17
Keep All That Junk To Yourself 3:23
Draw Me 3:47
You Love The World (And You're Avoiding Me) 2:36
Lord I'm Gonna Love You 2:46
Glory Lord Jesus 3:20
Song For Josiah

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