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This is the first-ever reissue of Joanna Cazden's The Greatest Illusion, originally released in 1976 – a masterpiece of obscure West Coast womyn-folk, remastered in a 24-bit remaster. Topics range from thoughts about sexual experimentation with women, coming off acid trips, anti-war revolution, and love affairs with messianic men, all sung with strident, coffee-house bravado. "Interesting, obscure debut LP that might be described as a somewhat bummed-out post-trip Carole King in a pro-feel singer-songwriter style that combines spaced out, sincere hippie lyrics to create an unusual, personal statement. Strong melodies and inventive arrangements make this album reminiscent of the great cerebral femme acid tracks on the Sally Eaton LP Farewell American Tour." –Patrick Lundborg, The Acid Archives. Album closes with a particularly spine-chilling a cappella bhajan, sung by a chorus of female voices. Above-average and a must to check out for 1970s femme-vox fiends. Includes three bonus tracks, and comes in a handsome paper sleeve that precisely reproduces the original LP sleeve in miniature form. Also includes lyrics, a poster-card insert and detailed liner notes by the artist herself.

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