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  • Место рождения

    Croydon, London, England, Великобритания

Jamie Isaac (born Tom Cully), 2 July 1994, is a London-based singer and producer, born and raised in Croydon. Signed to House Anxiety / Marathon Artists, Jamie's debut EP, I Will Be Cold Soon, attracted attention for its near-choral incantations, minimalist jazz tones and post-rock layering. Jamie has been praised for using the power of silence with experimental and enveloping swaggering beats and his self-aware lyrics. His second EP, Blue Break, gained recognition for its soulful, piano-led sound. Featuring Jamie in The Guardian's New Music, Michael Cragg praised "Blue Break" for "favouring space and atmosphere over production histrionics".
In the run up to the release of his forthcoming debut album (out via House Anxiety / Marathon Artists), Isaac presented the 'Loose Grip' Mixtape, a series of remixes of tracks taken from the album featuring collaborations with Rejjie Snow, King Krule under the moniker Edgar The Beatmaker, Jesse James, Jadasea, Black Mack, and Mr Malarky.
Jamie Issac was born on 2 July 1994 in Croydon, United Kingdom. He sang in the boy's choir Libera where he was a prominent soloist, performing solo parts on multiple albums as well as being featured on several album covers alongside other choristers. He attended BRIT School alongside King Krule, the two have worked on many projects together since. He started making his own music in 2011 in his parents home, and released a few online demos. After a friend of his invited him to do a few sessions in a studio, his music advanced rapidly, with people expressing an interest in his music. Jamie has always had an interest in being a film-making and script writing, saying that if it weren't for music, that is what he would probably would have pursued a career in.
His influences come from jazz pianists such as Dave Brubeck, Bill Evans and Teddy Wilson and classical pianist Chopin as well as The Beach Boys.
Jamie describes his own music style as "brooding, cinematic and minimalist" and that he would never write a song without a piano line in it. He has released two EP's, namely 'I Will be Cold Soon' and 'Blue Break', both of which have become well known.

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