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Born and raised in the suburbs of Sydney, Jack perfected his skills as a
musician throughout his teenage years when he found himself inevitably
moving to north western NSW, Australia.
Life was clearly a challenge in this harsh yet beautiful countryside as he
struggled to be accepted as a “local” but there was one thing Jack knew
would transcend all differences; a universal language that could not be
Turning to music and writing music from the age of 14, Jack’s overwhelming
presence grabbed the attention of everyone he knew as he displayed his
musical talents to the masses. He began his career through the inspiration
of his new awe-inspiring surroundings, heritage and acoustic greats like
Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, The Beatles and John Martyn. It wasn’t too long
though, before Jack began developing his own, unique style that carried
him beyond anything he could ever hope to dream of.
His talent soon saw him touring through coastal and rural Australia,
Germany and the USA, as he played with many different bands and
combos over the years. His standard and open tunings on guitars that
embellish his percussive playing, or the simplicity of slide and finger style;
and the haunting or raunchy harmonica entwined in the mix appealed to
the country folk, the sea dwellers and city folk alike.
Their love gained his first independent CD “With My Eyes” extensive
airplay in rural NSW eventuating in the video clip for “Lonely Boy”, which
aired nationally on Television. Along with the exposure of his songs,
Jack received his own Television experience playing with his earlier duo
“Percusso” for the “International Year of Peace”.
Jack has played with many different bands and combos over the years.
The distinct similarity between all these combos is Jack’s style of playing
and influence on these bands: Mostly the driving force, mostly upfront,
and bold in presentation with guitar to match.
He has toured extensively over the coast of Australia, in both coastal and
rural regions, through New Zealand as well as Germany and the USA.
Jack Derwin’s sound and music is constantly evolving, expanding and
developing as his solo performances increase in demand along with his
adoring fans.
His compulsive need for songwriting and recording at every opportunity
keeps him searching and creating music that inspires the masses and fills
the world with harmonic perfection.
Jack is constantly developing musically. With many more performances

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