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inVid mINd is Nancy Molina, originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, her life is divided into her two passions computer security and music production.

She studied at the University finishing her career as a Systems Analyst specialist in Computer Security and on the other hand studied in the National Conservatory for almost 3 years.

At one point in her life she became aware of electronic music and especially experimental music and began to produce her own music.

Invid Mind was born around 2008 ,but there is no concrete date since the project was developing it little by little.

Defining her music is difficult, since all their eps have different types of music oscillate from fast tracks to slow tracks, which has in common is that they are very psychedelic atmosphere which transport the listener in to a kawaii world full of 8 bits sounds ,immerse in a futuristic world

Is a highly recommended experience for anyone who wants to have a true psychedelic trip.
Nancy has played in several festivals around the world, was in Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico, United States, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Berlin.

In June 2018, Invid joined with Oblium, an artist from Switzerland, and they created a new project together, called Astrolunar: a fantastic fusion between their two styles.
Debut EP will come in 2018.

Nancy is working in her new tour around Europe and Sudamerica and she is working in her new ep also!.
so stay tuned !

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