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1 Early Days 3:09
2 The Ice King 3:18
3 Asgard 6:25
4 The Bridge 3:13
5 The Feast 2:59
6 Dawn / The Battle 5:00
7 Aftermath 0:55
8 Journey Into Exile 2:19
9 Reprise 2:41

''Saga of the ice king'' is a decent Psychedelic Rock album, pretty much outdated during the time of its release, but the basic reason of its obscurity was that the efforts of the group were actually buried by an unacceptable production and a bad sound quality.Ice played an emphatic Psychedelic Rock with progressive tendencies and plenty of harder overtones akin to mid-70's RUSH, while the album contains also some evident rural influences.This work is characterized by the nice collaboration between the guitarists, offering psychedelic textures with background solos and folky, acoustic soundscapes, leading eventually to a mass of changing climates, from hypnotic and pastoral lines to Hard Rock-oriented material with sharp electric themes.Sometimes the music tends to be very simplistic and rather uninspired, while the vocals could have sounded a lot better if they were not buried by the awful mix.Tracks are quite short with guitars in the forefront and lots of shifting tempos, but the flexibility of the album is almost zero.The compositions are at a good level, but again the below average sound prevents the listener from trully enjoying this album.

Ice kept playing until 1982 with new drummer Paul Reeves.Rutherford went on to form Dickens, a short-lived Psych/Blues Rock band, and since mid-90's he has been performing with his own combo, the Mick Rutherford Band.Bassist Colin Richardson sadly passed away in 2006.

Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar – Andy Radek, Paul Watts
Bass Guitar – Colin Richardson
Drums, Percussion – Steve Sheldon
Voice – Mick Rutherford


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