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Forming from the ashes of Memories Forever Fade and Tomorrows Regrets; I Am The End started in the summer of 2004 under the name Lizzie Borden. After a few member changes and a new name, I Am The End began thier sonic onslaught of the the hudson valley scene. With a entertainingly chaotic live performance I Am The End quickly made a name for themselves getting booked with bands such as A Life Once Lost, Anterrabae, Daughters, Fear Before The March of Flames, Folly, Paria, Psyopus, The Number Twelve Looks Like You, and many more. After releasing a 5 song demo last fall, I Am The End re-entered the studio to re-record 3 old songs, and 5 new ones including an intrumental track for thier new cd entitled "Clear Skies Never Promise A Happy Day" which was released in July of 2005. Be sure to pick up your copy at a show or in the online merch section. After Dj's depature from the band in September 2005 we continued without him writing new songs as a 4 peice. Early summer of 2006 we replaced our drummer Mike with a good friend of ours named Peter Bruno.

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