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HAWAKE was founded in mid-2006 by guitarist Fábio Botelho, whose name comes from a philosophical reflection, represented by the union of the letter H (human) with the word awake (awake), that is, "the awakening of man." A constant awakening, which leads him to good or bad, depending on his own attitudes and decisions, and it is up to him to choose to tread to heaven or to hell.

Although founded in 2006, the band only stabilized in 2007 with the arrival of vocalist Rod Splater, who joined the band after being found casually by his old friend, bassist Alexandre Negreiros (ex-Hawake). The arrival of Rod Splater for the group allowed the guitarist Fábio Botelho to establish a unique partnership for composition, due to their born relationship and the ease of Rod Splater in creating vocal melodies.

Already in 2016, the band arrived to compose the drummer Thiago Leão, bringing with him a rhythmic brazilian allied to the technique. Two years later, they arrived in the band Miguel Pinheiro, with their compositions full of modern timbres and classicist Seventies ideas, and the bassist João Almeida, with its groove and versatility.

Finally, over the years, HAWAKE has been invited to perform the following pre-shows: Shaman (2007), Sepultura (2007), Torture Squad (2008), Viper, Subtera, Suprema and Angra. He also performed on the night of autographs by Torture Squad and vocalist Edu Falaschi (Angra and Almah), drummer Marcelo Moreira (Circle II Circle, former Almah), Angra (2015) and international show in George Town (English Guiana) - Halloween Party

In 2017 the group is in the process of producing a CD containing 10 tracks, which will be recorded at Fusión Studios (São Paulo) and will feature the production of Thiago Bianchi (Noturnall, Arena, former Shaman).

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