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"Perhaps, HKG Knights is the most famous Vladivostok electronic musician outside the Far East. This is the second project of Ilya Bespalov, who has also been the part of extremely popular witch-house band Crossparty. HKG Knights is sure the best soundtrack for Major Motoko Kusanagi free falling from the skyscrapers like in the outstanding animated film “Ghost In The Shell”.

Unlike with Søika, music of HKG Knights is filled with references to urban expansion in a cyber-punk future, where cold neon lights will become as much familiar for human eye as the sun in the skies. Ilya, the author of the project, used to live in Moscow and gained a pretty huge popularity here where he appeared in an Adidas documentary about the underground rave scene in Moscow and even played his set at Boiler Room."

Louder Than War

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