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Cape Town, Berlin (2015- настоящее время )

Hailing from the internet (as well as from Berlin and Capetown), HDmirror is part of a new wave of artists emerging from online communities and netlabels. Their work, as their name suggests, engages with the internet’s implications on musical production.

HDmirror’s output amalgamates trance, internet art, and ‘90s rave and glitch, always with a touch of humour. Web aesthetics merge into dance music on releases such as AVANT-TRANCE. Their track, “Rave Tool 66”, was released through the Soundcloud account Rave Toolz, a stream of edits and bootlegs run by Ducky. “Rave Tool 66” is an infectious, warped take on Lady Gaga, storming through uncanny vocals, battering kicks, and a generous, ecstatic dose of kitsch.

In 2017, they also released the HORROR-EMBODY EP through Jerome Worldwide. In their own words, their music is “dysfunctional dance music” that achieves “transformation through overload.” Their website captures a similar overload, with a cacophony of flashing GIFs overlaying one another, all vying for viewers’ attention. Simulating euphoria through catalysing “neural fireworks”, HDmirror is a scintillating, exciting twist in the ever-evolving, self-referential landscape of music online.

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