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British Christian music singer, songwriter and musician.
Graham Kendrick has been described as a ‘father of modern worship music’
whose songs are ‘crammed full of poetic, divine,
biblical truth’ that have ‘sculpted a view of God that has impacted generations.’
For more than 30 years he has been at the forefront of Christian music in the UK having
written and recorded hundreds of songs, many of which are well known around the world,
including Shine Jesus Shine, Knowing You, The Servant King and Amazing Love.
Graham is based in the UK and travels internationally participating in tours, festivals,
conferences and training events, as a worship leader, speaker and performer.
He is an active advocate for the charity Compassion International,
encouraging audiences worldwide to understand worship as a way of life,
and true intimacy with God as sharing in the concerns of his heart and participating
in his mission to the world. Compassion operates in over 24 nations
and facilitates the support of over a million children.

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