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  • Год рождения

    2012 (возраст 6)

Frostvang started out in 2011/2012 as a one-man-band-project,
by Jan "Janne" Johansson.
Frostvang was born due to the lack of bandmembers and/or band.
The music is inspired by nature, mysticism & depth of the tormented soul.
In the early 2014, the first EP called "Preludium" was made.
The first song "NORD" was released and became appreciated amongst many.
This became the starting point of Frostvang.
So, 2½ weeks later, 5 songs were made and the first EP was done.
Also, later the same year, another EP was made, called "Vemod".
Another 5 track disc.
2015 came, and new material was being written under the working title
"Det Mörka Hjärta", (which was self-released as a Digital copy in the beginning of 2016).
During the writing process, Micke Backelin of Lord Belial joined Frostvang
as the drummer, for a while, until ISKALL was founded by Janne & Micke, to focus more on
a more primitive sounding form of metal.
Frostvang became a sideproject.
2016 came rolling in and became the year of thought and aftermath.
The year when the music was laid to rest for a while, and that became the end for
ISKALL, atleast for the time being.
Micke and Janne parted ways, musically, no bad blood.
Later on in 2016, Janne took it upon himself to finish "Det Mörka Hjärta".
It resulted in 10 tracks of melodic, melancholic, black/death-metal.
That material was self-released and later on sent away to Black Lion Records.
Black Lion Records and Frostvang inked a deal, and that debut album will be
released in November of 2016.
So for the time being, Frostvang is:
Jan "Janne" Johansson - Multi-instrumentalist & Vocals.

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