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Location: Asheville, NC, USA
Band Members:
Brett Jorgensen - Vocals
Zack Dufort - Guitars/Vocals
Rj Miquel - Drums
Aaron Schreiber - Bass

FF is a progressive metal band from Asheville, North Carolina that has managed to marry the best elements of prog, djent, metal, and metalcore into a bouncy, off-time, high energy hybrid of their own. Their songs skirt the edge of major scales just close enough to end up beautifully brutal and intoxicatingly addictive. FF focuses intently on playing tight and professional sets aimed at delivering the type of performance that is rarely seen on the local level. Songs are driven by strong yet elegant leads that express a level of emotion and consideration often lost in the jumble of overly complex writing styles. Each song has a distinct and clear feeling that gets crowds moving. (If chunky rhythms are your thing, one will find Fractured Frames' music impossible to stand still to. If you can't bounce to this…you can't bounce.) Every member of FF is an experienced multi-instrumentalist. This not only shows discipline but it represents more than half a century of relevant experience found within the band. Three out of the five members are capable of producing high level recordings, and one member, guitarist Zack Dufort, attends Berkley's Online Recording program. Couple these attributes with front man Brett Jorgensen's massive network of bands and support staff in the East Coast metal scene; bass player Brandon King's practical business knowledge gained from owning and operating his own residential cleaning company; and this band is armed with an arsenal of real world skills to apply. The band is run like a business, the most epic business one could ever hope to work for. FF shows an astounding amount of commitment to their music and performances. Every member has sacrificed and invested an incredible amount in order to arrive on the scene in such short fashion. Guitarist Tristan England has invested the most financially, having a rig that would make most national touring acts drool with jealousy and drives 2.5 hours for practice! Talk about dedication. Additionally Brandon King and Brett Jorgensen juggle full time work loads with band business and promotions. Formed in the last 4 months, Drummer "fast feet" Ben Moore was the last piece of the puzzle. The unicorn that any good band looks for and without a doubt has completed the line-up for this future juggernaut.


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