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Artist: FourPlay String Quartet
Title: This Machine
Year Of Release: 2014
Label: Smart Pussy Records
Genre: Modern Classical, Chamber Jazz, Nu Classical, Electronic
Total Time: 49:16

Australia's favorite electric string quartet FourPlay have wowed audiences from New York's Carnegie Hall to London's Barbican Centre Epic with their soundscapes, Rock & Roll, chain sawing violas, Jazz, eastern influences & pop songs. 'This Machine' is their 2014 first album of all 100% original material. It's been a long journey since their 1996 debut & the band has certainly come of age. The four members (brothers Peter and Tim Hollo. Lara Goodridge & Shenzo Gregorio) have lived their lives together, played at some of the world's most famous venues and festivals, and spent countless hours writing and jamming together - all of which has created a rare synergy and an unspoken understanding in how they go about their work. FourPlay's sound and musicality has matured and evolved, resulting in a truly original album that cements their ever growing reputation as an eclectic and diverse musical tour de force. This album was recorded, co-produced & mixed by Tony Buchen (Andy Bull, Ronan Keating, John Butler Trio, Dereb the Ambassador) and features artwork by Dave McKean (Neil Gaiman, Heston Blumenthal, Richard Dawkins).

01. Something Is Going Wrong
02. Have Your Cake
03. This Machine
04. Theme
05. Dog Days
06. Mississippi Sinkhole
07. Moon Over the Moldau
08. Space Party Awesomeness
09. Anti-Occident
10. In the Meantime
11. This Machine (Radio Edit)

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