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Five Iron Frenzy
Live at Winter Wonder Rock 12-08-00
On December 8, 2000, Five Iron Frenzy played before an ecstatic audience in the Netherlands. They were one of several bands playing the Winter Wonder Rock festival. The concert was broadcast live over X Noizz Radio, and several fans tuned in to hear their favorite band rawk out. One of these fans, a message boarder known as Vaca, managed to record the broadcast and divide the show into 16 wonderful MP3s.

Vaca graciously uploaded the tracks and imparted to me their whereabouts. So… if you want to download these songs, here's what to do:

Go to www.myplay.com . The tracks are in a locker.
Email = FIFconcert120800@hotmail.com and password = docmavin.
After you enter this info in, just check the boxes for the tracks you want to download, and click on download. You can download these one by one by clicking on the arrows next to the tracks. And, yes, they will play in real player. In all, there's about 43 Mb of yummy Five Iron audio goodness.

Concert Downsides:
The announcers talked straight through 451 and the beginning of Phantom Mullet.
The live broadcast cuts off in Phantom Mullet and doesnt kick back in until the middle of Where Zero Meets Fifteen, so we missed A Flowery Song.
The band doesn't play World Without End, Suckerpunch, or Giants.

Concert Upsides:
Reese forgetting a large portion of the lyrics, especially in O Canada.
The crowd going wild at Reese's yodeling in You Probably Shouldn't Move Here.
Every New Day. Nuph said.
FIF finished their set with "I Love You, Lord." It was awesome.
God rawks!! :)

For more concert information, check out X Noizz Radio and the many pages they have about the Winter Wonder Rock festival. If you click on Five Iron Frenzy in the WWR lineup, you'll find not only a basic discography and a biography in Dutch, you'll see several great photographs from the show (which i've managed to upload to this site) as well as a short (91 b) interview with Five Iron's drummer, Andrew, which Vaca didn't manage to record. You can download this interview by right-clicking on the sound link and saving the target.

Winter Wonder Rock Pics

Phantom Mullet
A Flowery Song
Where Zero Meets Fifteen
You Probably Shouldn't Move Here
Beautiful America
Blue Comb '78
(isn't that cotton candy?)
Receive Him
Third World Think Tank
Handbook For the Sellout
A New Hope
O Canada
Every New Day
(we dont do encores)
I Love You, Lord

That's about it. I'd like to send a shout out to my friend Eddy, aka Plunk, from Holland, who was there to see this awesome show LIVE!!! He had the privilege of hanging out with the band, and even got to go backstage! He'll have pics of the concert and the band on his site soon, so check it out, sign the guestbook, blah blah blah *grin*. I'd also like to say Keith Hoerig is rad!!

God bless you guys!! -Kristel

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