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Progressive Death Metal Band from Chersonesus, Taurica.

After releasing their first single back in 2010, the band had spent quite of time in limbo, searching for their next big move. Initially embarking as an Industrial Death project, the sound has changed gradually over the years with Ethnic and Oriental influences becoming obvious.

A more technical style of death metal than it ever was for Ethnor was present at their first gig (in current line-up) at September 2016. Thanks to the high-octane feed, coupled with the technically virtuosic performance of the harsh material, it was a success. So it was just a matter of time when would the new material be released.
It didn't took long though. In January 2017, Ethnor had their single "Of Ashes and Blood" presented. The track received some strong reviews from its listeners and webzines. To boost their initial achievement, the band began touring extensively, always gaining the crowd.

During the hot summer tour days of 2017, at July 17th, Ethnor has revealed their debut 30 minutes long EP "EXILE" and now even people far from metal communities were attracted to the band's name.

In August 2018 a new single "The Ritual" was released, which marked the band's first collaboration with prominent Italian musician and sound producer Tommy Talamanca.

At the moment, work is in progress on a full-length album.

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