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  • Год рождения

    19 июня 2000 (возраст 21)

Ethan Fields is a 20-year-old independent artist and aspiring e-boy. His dad was born in Chicago and his mom was born in Chennai, but Ethan Fields is based in Orlando, Florida, a city he coyly describes as “the best of both worlds.” Every song Ethan Fields makes comes from his bedroom, but more importantly they come from his beating heart of gold. In April 2020, Ethan Fields burst on the scene of video-sharing app TikTok, garnering attention for his explorations of music and comedy by recreating popular songs in the style of other artists. He then went on a recording binge, releasing a trifecta of singles in May and trap EP ‘Yellow’ in June. These releases coincided with one of Ethan Fields’s videos going viral, in which he transformed Mike Posner’s ‘Cooler Than Me’ into a Nirvana song. Fields subsequently released the song on Spotify in August, where it has over a quarter million streams to date. He is currently vibing in the studio working on a new project, the exact details of which he declined to disclose due to “needing to use the bathroom.”

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