• July Mix

    Авг 16 2006, 20:54 автор: goodmanbrown

    I decided that at the beginning of each month I'll make a mix CD of the tracks I most enjoyed from the previous month.

    In July, I spent a fair amount of time mining my collection for old goth and postpunk stuff I haven't listened to in a while (Xmal Deutschland, Belfegore, Fehlfarben). I spent a while exploring some of the dark carnivalesque stuff that started coming out a few years ago, but I'm only hearing now (Eric McFadden, Jerret Corese). And, finally, I began tentatively re-exposing myself to some club music (LCD Soundsystem, Northern Lite). I think I might, finally, be taking some baby steps toward overcoming my traumatic, mult-year club overdose.

    Burn these and you'll have yourself a mix CD I'd like to listen to while I'm in your car.

    July Mix:

    01. Eric McFadden Experience - If All Is Lost
    02. Jerret Cortese - Believe
    03. Laundry - A Fine Feature
    04. The Birthday Party - Jennifer's Veil
    05. Snog - Don't Go Down to the Woods Today