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Multiple bands use or have used the name "End"

1. END is an American-Canadian metalcore supergroup consists of vocalist Brendan Murphy (Counterparts), guitarists Will Putney (Fit For An Autopsy) and Greg Thomas (ex-Misery Signals, ex-Shai Hulud), bassist/co-vocalist Jay Pepito (Reign Supreme, ex-Blacklisted), and drummer Billy Rymer (ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan, Thoughtcrimes).

2. End is a little band out of New York City. They're a noisy mix of electronics, surf/garage rock, old-time swing, and some other random weirdness. End has put out records on Ipecac and Tigerbeat6 and Hymen and a bunch of other places all over the world. They've toured with Fantomas and Melt Banana and Jason Forrest and Drop The Lime and Snog.

3. End is a Greek black metal band who have released two albums through ISO666 Releases in 2002 and 2003. A third album was released in 2009 on Black Hate Productions.

4. End was a German doom/gothic metal band active between 2000 and 2007. They released one full-lenght album "Out of Eden" in 2002 and an EP in 2005.

5. End was a Swedish death metal band or project active in the mid-90's. The line-up featured Thomas Ahlgren known from Deranged.

6. End is a Swiss Indiepop/Alternative Rock 5-piece band from Basel: A fascinating and enigmatic blend of alternative rock and indie pop – one that speaks out of the depths of the soul and lingers in the memory. Directed and staged in a touching and intoxicating manner by five young men from Basel, Switzerland.
The songs oscillate between sounds of gentle beauty and exstatic fireworks, interfused with sensitive yet rough vocals, catapulted into this world by profound lyrics and melodies that will touch your soul.
A couple of childhood friends decide to merge their musical diversity into a whole - END sees the light of day in 2009. After a first set of songs matured in the seclusion of their bandroom located deep below the surface of the earth, they decide to step outside their hometown for a secret concert for the first time in 2011. END release their debut EP Parabol in 2012, produced by Thomas Rechberger (Alterna Recording Studios, Basel). The five song EP delivers a first enthralling promise for a budding music career. In 2014, END aim their sights across the border to Germany and Austria. They record their debut album in Berlin, Germany with producer Marco Jeger. Marco also produced Steff La Cheffe, The Bianca Story and Bonaparte – all of which have celebrated success nationally and internationally. Their first album People of the Stream's Mouth was released on 11.04.2014. They supported The Boxer Rebellion on their Europe tour in fall 2014.

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