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Black Epidemic

* * *
Do you feel that it comes the time of the dark?
Violence is so evil, so stark!

Refrain I:
Someone’s dancing on the graves,
Someone’s burning the waxen mask.
Someone laughs at all the prayers
And senses the eternal dark.
I saw the falling drops on earth,
I still remember the smell of blood.
I’m here across your back, step by step,
But I’m not your savior… Turn around!

* * *
…I have no more desires,
I’m devoured by this black epidemic of liars!
The world is on fire,
I don’t want to breath,
I close my eyes,
And tear off my wings…

You’ll give yourself the taste of oblivion
And set you free from the shackles of opinion.
My hate will desist and let you in peace
With your last breath… I cannot exist!

Dark madness will cover and never betray,
Black wings of destroy will demolish your shade.
There’s no place to stars that burn to the dust,
Heaven is falling away with disgust.

Refrain II:
Someone’s dancing on the graves, / It’s only shadow!
Someone’s burning waxen mask. / It’s our fading…
Someone laughs at all the prayers / It’s closer!
And senses the eternal dark. / We’re accursed…
I saw the falling drops on earth, / We are doomed
I still remember the smell of blood. / For existence…
I’m here across you, step by step,
But not your savior, turn around!

Empire Of Fate is Symphonic metal band with Power metal elements and Progressive metal influences and classical formula "Beauty and the Beast" vocals.

Black Epidemic EP is released March 23, 2010

Track list:
1. Bloody Blade - 07:05
2. Black Epidemic - 06:11

Empire Of Fate are:
Tetiana Martynova aka Envy Redfox - vocals
Volodymyr Chumachenko - guitar/backing vocals
Serhii Prusakov - guitar
Anton Yeriomin - keys
Stanislav Kolomyitsev - bass guitar
Oleksii Bolotov - drums

Music - Empire Of Fate (main idea by Volodymyr Chumachenko)
Lyrics - Envy Redfox
Drums and keys programming, bass guitar recording - Andrii Usatyi
Guitars recording - Volodymyr Chumachenko
Female vocals recording - Envy Redfox
Male vocals recording - Volodymyr Chumachenko
Sound engineering - Andrii Usatyi, Pan Sound studio
Art work and design of booklet - Envy Redfox

Recorded at “PanSound” studio, Mykolaiv, February 2010

2010 CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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