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Yahweh in the Morning (EM002) 1979

This was their second album. The people involved were as follows:

Emmanuel Members
Mike Clark
Tom Cramer
Mary Crlenjak
Dave Fatula
John and Barbara Flaherty
Julia Norton
Cincy Teynor
Betty Jo Thompson
Producer: Martin Leifeld
Director: Elsie Luke
Recording Engineer: Henry Root

Our God is Our King
Come Praise the Lord
Great is the Glory of the Lord
He Lives
Yahweh in the Morning
Praise to You Lord Jesus Christ
Jesus, You are the Way
Clap Your Hands
Only You Are God
You Will Find Your Life in Mine
Or you can download the entire album.

John Flaherty explains this album as follows:

I have to point out that YAHWEH IN THE MORNING was mostly organized and created by Betty Jo Thompson (later Gilloon.) Betty Jo created what I consider to be the unique, crisp and rhythmic “Steubenville Strum.” Her style of leadership was such that she allowed all members to contribute in a fair and impartial manner. Her guitar and song-writing abilities made her the natural leader of the group, but she never attempted to exert that control. It was always fun to play with Betty Jo as a guitarist. It was fun to be a part of Emmanuel as a whole.

The music is an advance from their first effort, more consistent in composition and performance

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