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Back in Steubenville, after a four year hiatus (and a name change of the community to the Servants of Christ the King) Emmanuel produced another effort, the tape Come to Me (I don’t think it was ever in vinyl, thus the lack of cover art.) With Martin Leifeld’s promotion to Director of the Christian Conference Office, Jim Cowan came from the “New Mexico Emmanuel” to become the group’s director and composed most of the music for the tape.
Members of the group for this work were as follows:

Michael Clark–Vocal, Tambourine
Jim Cowan–Vocal, Guitar, Piano
John Flaherty–Vocal, Guitar
Joe Pino–Vocal
Matt Senecal–Vocal, Mandolin
Carol Cuomo–Vocal, Cello
Charlotte Dausch–Vocal
Betty Jo Gilloon–Vocal, Guitar
Eileen Hanley–Vocal
Pam Minto–Vocal
Nancy Schreck–Vocal, Flute

Come to Me‘s compositional quality remained high, but lacks the spontaneity of the three other “Emmanuel” albums. John Flaherty comments on this as follows:

COME TO ME is the first Steubenville product that Jim Cowan was involved in creating. Most of the music was written by him, except CELEBRATE, which was Betty Jo’s and HARDEN NOT YOUR HEARTS which I wrote. Many members of the group were new as, by 1983 we had been assimilated into the Sword of the Spirit. The rigid rules governing men’s and women’s roles had caused some members of Emmanuel to move on and others to retire to “baby making.”

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