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Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, Elkenwood first formed in early 2014 as a harmonious musical partnership between Gareth (Guitar/Piano/Vocals) and Nic (Lead Guitar). Although the prospect of a duet seemed like a good idea, the need to expand, explore and add further dynamics to the band became imminent.
After debuting on the live scene in early 2015, and in the wake of scoring their first international support in March for New Orleans heavy metal titans Goatwhore, things are moving very quickly for Elkenwood. Seeking hibernation to begin writing and pre-production, it is quite clear that winter is coming. And with it, their debut EP!
Combining and coalescing elements of progressive, black and folk metal, along with a touch of classical and post-rock, Elkenwood are further continuing to solidify their sound into a monster of ambience, ruin and reconstruction.
With influences drawing from the natural world, astronomy, psychedelia, lupines and cervines, the 1970's, Mary Jane and the consciousness of life and death, Elkenwood will take you on a journey through the woods and into the cosmos itself. So grab your pipe and wizard hat, sit in the forest beneath the Aurora Borealis and let the scent of wood smoke mingled with petrichor bring you primal joy, before it is taken away with the destruction of the universe and mankind within.
This is chaos within beauty, and beauty within chaos. This is Elkenwood.
Line up:
Nic Williams - Lead Guitar
Gareth Graham - Lead Vocals/Guitars/Piano
Liam Guy - Drums
Amanda Terry - Violin

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