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Exile The Second (stylized as EXILE THE SECOND), or simply The Second, is a Japanese music group comprising Exile members Kenchi, Keiji, Tetsuya, Nesmith, Shokichi and Akira. Formed in 2012, the group is managed by LDH and is signed to the Avex Group record label Rhythm Zone.

The members of The Second debuted in 2007 as members of Nidaime J Soul Brothers (二代目J Soul Brothers), the second generation of the music group J Soul Brothers. The group retired after releasing one album, and the members officially joined their main group Exile in 2009.

In January 2007, Exile announced that it would hold an audition to recruit new members for the second generation of J Soul Brothers. Nesmith and Shokichi, finalists of the Exile Vocal Battle Audition, were the first members to join the new generation in August 2007. Performers Kenchi, Keiji, and Tetsuya were soon added. Three months later, performers Naoto and Naoki were added, and they gave their debut performances at Color's 2007 nationwide tour, Live Tour 2007: Blue. The second generation, called the Nidaime J Soul Brothers, released their debut single "We!" in May 2008 under the indies label, Rhythm Republic. Nidaime J Soul Brothers announced their hiatus after the release of their first self-titled album J Soul Brothers in February 2009. A month later, the Nidaime members joined the lineup of Exile. Members Naoto and Naoki stayed behind to re-join J Soul Brothers' third generation, the Sandaime J Soul Brothers.

In 2012, during the live of Exile Tribe, was announced the formation of The Second from Exile, and they debuted with the single THINK 'BOUT IT.

After the release of their album "The II Age" in 2014, the group went on an indefinite hiatus, only doing activities as members of EXILE.

In 2016 the group has changed their name to Exile The Second and was announced that they would be making a comeback with the single YEAH!! YEAH!! YEAH!!, to be released on July 13th 2016. At same year on September 5th, was announced that Akira, from Exile, would be joining to the group as new member.

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