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Death Agony is an old school death metal band from Maubeuge (59-France). Its music is mainly influenced by the 90's cult bands such as Vader, Six Feet Under, Slayer and Behemoth.

The concept of Death agony is based on the awareness of a traumatic reality; When mental pain suffering is pushed to the extreme, Death agony means one has to live through fatality, suicidal thoughts, hatred and despair. In this world, death becomes a background, as the only way to escape.

After one demo and an EP, the band has self released its first album in September 2012, "Carcinogenic memories", and signed with the French label GREAT DANE RECORDS in 2013; It allows the band to propose a digital download (I-tunes, Deezer…) and to be physically distributed by SEASON OF MIST. This first album has Ieft a very good impression on the metal press.

Death Agony has played on nearly 100 shows since its creation in 2005, and has shared the stage with international cult metal bands. That has made its force, and the band only wait to play more and more gigs.

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