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Founded in 1984 but since then only intermittentely as a ROBERT REED's moniker

Seems Rob Reed has some fascination with colors, first it was CYAN and now his most popular project is MAGENTA, but they have something more in common, a great musical level.

CYAN was formed in 1984 by Rob Reed, who in short time released a demon highly influenced by Mike Oldfield and It Bites, mage a tour but soon after he left the project behind.

In 1991 he receives a letter from a French fan who had received the demo from Nick Barrett and encourages him to embrace the project again, he records again his demo songs with some new material and releases the CYAN debut called "For King and Country" performing all the instruments and vocals, the final release has also a clear Genesis influence.

In 1994 while working with EZRA in the release of their album "Shapes", he meets Nigel Voyle and invites him to help him with one song, but impressed with his voice, Rob leaves all the lead vocals to Nigel and the backing vocals to a new and unknown female vocalist called Christina Murphy, with whom he started a long musical adventure that would lead to MAGENTA in the XXst Century.

CYAN's second album "Pictures from the Other Side" is released in 1994 with Nigel, Christina and some guests, including an Opera singer called Ann Morgan. This second release is closer to what we expect from a Neo Prog band, clear GENESIS, Fish's MAEILLION and ARENA influence, even when with an exquisite unique sound.

Soon the band splits again and that's the story since then, with meetings, new albums and some periods of inactivity due to Rob's involvement with other bands and projects.

Up to the date, the band has released 5 albums and the last one "The Creeping Vine" with Nick Barrett.

Very good band and worth for those who like well thought and elaborate Neo Prog.

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