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CRY 3 -

Christian Rock from USA.
Heavy Psych,Psychedelic Folk,Progressive Rock.
Странный, но интересный концептуальный альбом американской прогрессив-группы, посвящённый ключевым библейским сюжетам и выражению религиозных чувств. Вроде бы, писался как музыкальное сопровождение некой церковной презентации. Запись состоялась в 1971 г., но была издана не сразу.
This is a strange one that actually shows up in one of the Hans Pokora books.
While it isn't what I would call a 'must own' album, I'd like to know a little more about.
Released by the Massachusetts-based Clear Light label,
1975's "Cry 3 An Odyssey of the Spirit" was apparently recorded as a soundtrack for a multi-media
presentation. Judging by the pseudo-religious themes that prevail,
I'm guessing that it was some sort of church sponsored program.
From a personnel standpoint the set was kind of interesting in that it showcased a sort of nascent
Christian super group with Mike Johnson having been a member of The Excursions,
while Greg Volz played with the band Petra. Musically this wasn't half bad.
Propelled by doom and gloom synthesizers and large church choirs the two Al Perez composed
instrumental suites didn't do all that much for me ('First Trilogy' and 'Second Trilogy').
Some reviewers have labeled them as psychedelic, but in spite of the 'end of earth' synthesizers
and over orchestration they really aren't. On the other hand, tracks like 'Meanings Will Change',
a cover of Stephen Stills' 'Know You Got To Run' and '' were all tuneful in a Poco-ish country-rock fashion.
The fact they soft peddled the religious sentiments certainly didn't hurt the album.
Mind you not all of it was subtle - 'Reflections' and 'I Heard the Voice of Jesus' were both pretty
cringe inducing. So … call it pleasant and move on.
Greg Volz - Vocals
Terry Andersen - Vocals, percussion
Taylor Armerding - Vocals, guitar
Mike Johnson - Vocals, guitar (member of the Exkursions)
Turley Richards - Vocals on "I Heard The Voice Of Jesus"
Al Perez - Synthesizer
Charles Lloyd Chittendon III - Guitar
Lester Kahn - Guitar
Rex Waters - Bass
Bard Richmond - Bass
Jeff Lass - Keyboards
Gene Elders - Violin
Vern Gibson - Flute
Back up vocals: Carol Cope, Louise Costignan, Lenore Curtis, Barb Jennings & Marlene Nelson.

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