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Bridging the gap between Faith no More, Killing Joke and Slayer, New York art-metal troupe Crisis is fronted by charismatic and eccentric vocalist Karyn Crisis, whose schizophrenic vocal stylings (including everything from melodic singing to death-grunts to impulsive squeaks and squawks) simply defied description. Formed in the early 90's, Crisis was also a multi-cultural stew, throwing Pakistani guitarist Afzaal Nasiruddeen, Taiwanese bassist Gia Chuan Wang and American drummer Fred Waring into a musical melting pot of frightening proportions, first put on public display via 1994's 8 Convulsions L.P. Their landmark second opus Deathshead Extermination followed two years later and it's fair to say that its head-spinning songwriting complexity and unmitigated brutality set the underground metal world on its ear, if not much else. The same was true of 1997's somewhat more restrained The Hollowing, but a long silence descended until 2001, when it was announced that the band was finally set for a comeback under a different name, that being Skullsick Nation. This announcement was retracted only a year later, however, and after welcoming guitarist/drummer Jywanza Hobson, Crisis began work on a fourth album. On a side note, Karyn Crisis has also garnered many followers for her work as a leather-smith. - All Music

"Quickly hammering out a name for itself with the album 8 Convulsions on Too Damn Hype Records, the band Crisis made the jump from the independent scene to pioneering label Metal Blade Records. Without sacrificing one iota of their integrity, 1996 held the release of the album Deathshead Extermination, which was quickly followed by 1997′s The Hollowing, and carved out a niche for Crisis in a scene bereft of much originality. With music that drew from such diverse influences as Black Sabbath, Cocteau Twins, and The Swans, but keeping metal at their core, Crisis were one of the few bands both fans and critics could call true innovators. Refusing to bend to trends or to sell out for the easy money, Crisis established themselves as a band that would be taken on it’s own terms or none at all" - Metal Blade Records

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