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Founded in New York, USA in 2003

US outfit CONSIDER THE SOURCE were formed by Gabriel Marin (fretless guitar, fretless chaturangui), John Ferrara (bass) and Justin Ahiyon (drums, percussion, samples). The threesome at once started writing material covering their wide range of influences, and a demo EP subsequently saw the light of day in 2005.

Developing their style further through numerous live shows and continued writing sessions, CTS started evolving and perfecting their craft for the next couple of years, with their peculiar blend of middle eastern scales, psychedelic jams, Indian inspired micro-tonal scale structures, fusion and surging heavy rock reaching new heights on their 2007 effort Esperanto, with a stylistic expression described as instrumental sci-fi progressive rock by some.

Extensive touring and numerous festival appearances later, Consider The Source hit the studio again in 2009, and with an aim to expand their already daunting sonic palette they created their critically acclaimed third effort Are You Watching Closely?, issued later the same year.

Live concerts and various festival appearances dominate the band's future schedule, alongside recording their third full length studio effort and assembling and issuing a full length live CD. In between all of this the band take some pride in the acclaim they have gathered so far, an interview with guitarist Marin in Guitar Player Magazine one proud moment of recognition, another is being described as the future of music by Jazz Times' Howard Mendel.

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