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Watered Garden is my favorite Cloud record. ‘Love Is Waiting Here’, ‘I’m Coming Lord’, ‘I Will Sing Unto The Lord’ and ‘The Dove Returns’ are among the group’s most gorgeous creations, each lovingly caressed with violin. A similar beauty is achieved via the acoustic guitar work and either flute, recorder or clarinet on ‘I Am The Door’, ‘Jewels’, ‘Hind’s Feet’ and ‘Surely The Lord Is In This Place’. Lots of mood changes within these songs, shifting back and forth from softer to louder dynamics, or between major and minor keys. The tracks with female vocals are especially compelling. One unique characteristic of this album is that the fourteen songs are connected by the sound of a gently flowing stream in the background Cloud has clearly sought to draw us into the presence of worship – and in that respect they most certainly succeed. Gate-fold cover with attractive watercolor painting. Produced by John Pantry who also “sang a bit, played a bit, and shook”. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Side One:
1. As Eternity Begins
2. Love Is Waiting Here
3. I'm Coming Lord
4. Rooted In His Love
5. I Am The Door
6. Jewels
7. Hinds Feet

Side Two:
8. I Will Sing Unto The Lord
9. Living Under Grace
10. The Dove Returns
11. Surely The Lord Is In This Place
12. Heaven
13. Praise You Lord
14. Watered Garden

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