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Last Days further intensified the group’s garage band sound while adding a few welcome progressive flourishes. Although I dearly love their debut and greatly miss Marijean’s presence here, I’d have to say this album is a huge step forward for the guys and should have much greater appeal to the “psych” collector. The album charges off from the start with the ten-minute groovin’ jam feast ‘Down At The Crossroads’ (not the Cream/Clapton cover) where electric guitar, piano, organ and flute all get their turn in the lead position, not to mention a lengthy varied percussion solo at the end from the drummer’s expansive kit. The title track is a creative mysterious apocalyptic piece with time/mood changes, spacey flute, heavy drum action and psychy electric guitar. ‘Jesus The Messiah’ is a similarly intriguing composition featuring dramatic vocals, echo and fuzz guitar effects, and a cool prog mid-section that has flashes of the sacred Vindication lp. A couple bluesy cuts: the upbeat boogieing ‘Nowhere Blues’ (with slide guitar and piano) and the slow moody ‘Blue Woman’. ‘Sixty First Psalm’, ‘New Song’ and ‘Without His Love’ are stirring melodic piano-led ballads that warmly recall their first lp. Real low-tech sound again, especially that organ, but it’s far from irritating - rather it gives the set a wonderful homegrown basement charm. One of my favorite records from the whole scene. Both these albums are big-time small-press rarities. Nice bellbottoms fellas! (Ken Scott - Archivst)
9 tracks. great xian garage, with psych and prog flashes
Исполнитель: Charisma
Альбом: Last Days
Год выхода: 1973
Жанр: Acoustic Folk-Rock, Christian
Страна: USA
Банда из Флориды,записывалась на "Rite Records"(OHIO). В основном играли мягкий гараж с христианскими текстами.

Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Tambourine – James Dudley
Piano, Flute, Organ – Glyn Richards.
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar – Dennis Richards.
Bass Guitar – Jim McCarty
Drums, Percussion – Bill Martin

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