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Cellar Noise is a prog rock band from Milan, Italy. Founded by Alessandro Palmisano (guitar) and Niccolò Gallani (keyboards) in 2013, this project comes as a mixture of classic prog rock music from the 70’s and modern influences (Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree, Opeth) in search for a fresh proposal of original compositions. In the same year, Francesco Lovari joined the band as singer and writer of the lyirics completing the compositive nucleus. After a few changes regarding the band members, in 2015 Cellar Noise found their rhythm section: the Bersan brothers, Eric on drums and Loris on bass and classical guitar. Concert after concert the band consolidated its sound and began making its reputation, finally getting to the ears of Fabio Zuffanti, important figure of the italian prog rock scene, who offered to cohoperate (as artistic director) to make a full length album.
So in August 2016 the band started recording “Alight” at Zerodieci Studio in Genoa, Italy, with the supervision of Roberto Vigo, Luca Nasciuti and, of course, Fabio Zuffanti. After a week of hard work and confrontations with the challenges of recording, an album was born and was ready to be published. This task was managed by AMS Records, Italian prog-based label.
Alight received a great reception, both in Italy and in other countries (UK, Canada, France, Spain, Portugal) with positive reviews and the first radio interviews, confirming the quality of the album.
Right now the band is promoting its work, participating to concerts and festivals (Z-fest, Veruno 2days+1 Prog Festival) and, in the meantime, focusing on composing new music, with the will to explore new possibilities and to cross its limits.
The rest of the story has not been written yet…

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