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What is the case here? Some people say it’s only the 90’s modern post-bop jazz spiced with a little hint of expressionism, some people just say it’s the case of Tomi Kämäräinen. The real thing in this case though is the unique personality of this Finnish drummer, who is presenting his new quartet with his own perspective on music by combining lightness and grace of modern jazz timbre with experiencing Copenhagen in vast and various pictures.

Tomi Kämäräinen (b. 1984 Leppävirta) is a Finnish jazz drummer and a composer. He has worked as musician since 2004 playing with different productions and bands all around Finland and performing with awarded musicians like Esa Pietilä and Pekka Toivanen. At the moment Kämäräinen is studying his Master’s degree at the Rythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen and preparing the debut album of his new quartet Case Kämäräinen. He’s previously released his own music in 2013 with the Groovin’ High quartet. The highlights of his career are performing with his quartet Groovin’ High in Pori Jazz festival (2014) and Leonard Bernstein’s opera Trouble In Tahiti in Finlandia Hall (2014).

Kämäräinen graduated as a music pedagogue from Savonia University of Applied Sciences in 2013. Over the years he’s been taught by many renown jazz drummers like John Reilly, Kresten Osgood, Peter Bruun, Mika Kallio, Toni Porthen and Ruy López-Nussa. Kämäräinen has worked as a teacher nearly 10 years and is currently working in Kuopio Conservatory, teaching drums, band instruments and music theory and Kainuu Conservatory, teaching upper secondary level music students. In addition Kämäräinen has been leading workshops for dementia patients and disabled in different EU funded projects (TAKUULLA YHDESSÄ!,TAKUULLA!, HYVINVOINTIVOIMALA 2014-2017) that aim to develop well-being services which utilize cultural possibilities and promote well-being and health by means of art and culture.

from http://jazzfinland.fi

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