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The original soundtrack for "Delia and Grace Are Gone" – an aerial dance piece created by Jo Kreiter and Flyaway Productions, exploring issues of violence against women as seen through the lens of the American murder ballad. It is an assemblage of murder ballads, propulsive percussion, spine-chilling whispers, and powerful vocals conceived by longtime Kreiter collaborators Carla Kihlstedt and Matthias Bossi, and featuring guest appearances by Shahzad Ismaily and Mark Orton. Other Kihlstedt/Bossi collaborations with Flyaway can be heard on Ravish and Other Tales for the Stage, I, and on Niagara Falling: Tales for the Stage, III.
Kreiter's dance pieces are something of a touchstone for us as composers. We've been writing music for her every several years for two decades now. They are dark and full of personal and socieital complexities. They give you no answers but leave you seeing, feeling and questioning more deeply. 'Grace and Delia…' is no exception. The tradition of the American murder ballad is an old one, and when seen with a backdrop of American militarism and the unrelenting violence against women, a picture we'd perhaps rather not look at, emerges. Sometimes we must stand and look at the most difficult parts of ourselves and our culture, where beauty, strength, violence and despair comingle.
The final ballad, "Mile One" uses this quotation from Rebecca Solnit's "Pandora's Box and the Volunteer Police Force" (from "Men Explain Things to Me") as its point of departure:
‘Here is that road, maybe a thousand miles long, and the woman walking down it isn’t at mile one. I don’t know how far she has to go, but I know she’s not going backward, despite it all—and she’s not walking alone. – Rebecca Solnit

Recorded by Carla Kihlstedt, Matthias Bossi, Shahzad Ismaily, and Elisha Wiesner
Mixed by Matthias Bossi
Mastered by Jon Evans at Brick Hill in Orleans, MA

released September 16, 2016

- Carla Kihlstedt / Voice, Violin, Viola, Nyckelharpa
- Matthias Bossi / Voice, Drums, Percussion, Found Sound, Piano, Programming
- Shahzad Ismaily / Guitar & Bass on 'Beautiful Tomorrow" and "Mile One"
- Mark Orton / National Steel and Dobro on "Beautiful Tomorrow"
- Aoife Cahill / Mournful Lullaby

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