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We’re a group of four everyday guys that enjoy crafting together feel good hiphop music. Being raised in the golden era of hiphop, we have a certain vibe of sound we enjoy providing to our listeners. We don’t look to keep up with the changing feel and sounds of today’s hiphop culture– we look to live it how we have and always have in a blissful, melodic, and youthful nature.

Three of us rhyme, one of us cuts it up on the decks. We all met and glued together the pieces and foundation of this group back in high school around ’06. After cutting a couple mixtapes and an lp, we’ve been blessed enough to meet remarkable musicians and rock sets for our natives in and around the SF Bay Area. Our speckle of independent exposure has allowed us to work with very talented singers and producers from all throughout the states. Heck, we even used to have a long boisterous bio about who we’d worked with and when and where we’d been to. But in any case, we’re just a couple fellas in love with music with nothing else on our minds.

We’re not signed, we don’t have any money, 9th Wonder isn’t exactly legit-checking us on our songs, we just deal with who and what we got and hope that someone out there likes it. “Bubble quietly” right Jay? As a couple years have passed since we penned our first rhymes, we’ve gotten new jobs, met new friends, grew as brothers, but most of all, we still strive to be able to offer you beautiful hiphop flavor. Enjoy with us, world.

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