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Bobby Prince: "This song was easily named. You wouldn't believe how people in the id Software offices used to line up to watch John Romero play DOOM. Long before the sound effects were in the game, John would provide his own, and he was good at making a lot of sound effects with his mouth. But, the reason that people lined up to watch him play was that he put everything he had into playing the game. If it was a deathmatch, look out! John threw a constant barrage of taunts, screams and other sounds at the opposing players. One day I noticed how quiet things got while people were gathering to watch and I decided to do some pensive music to go with such times. Thus, the song became "Waiting For Romero To Play."

John has now left id Software to form his own company. There are better players at id, but none of them will ever have people lining up in anticipation of watching them play as John did. I know that id Software will sorely miss the manic energy that John Romero provided".

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