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Bob Dylan, 11/16/80, 1980.11.16 - Warfield,San Francisco, 2CDR

LB-3664, (47min+71min), from lk fall 80 set; not a lot above 18k but some;same recording as LB-176 but better as has less hiss but still has some; different recording than LB-437 which has less hiss and is not as tinny and is better; very good sound ; (did not listen to all of this)

01 - Gotta Serve Somebody,
02 - I Believe In You,
03 - Like A Rolling Stone,
04 - Till I Get it Right,
05 - Man Gave Names To All The Animals,
06 - intro for Jerry & To Ramona*,
07 - Ain't Gonna Go To Hell* (aud),
08 - Girl From The North Country* (aud),
09 - Slow Train*(aud),

10 - Walk Around Heaven All Day,
11 - Abraham, Martin And John,
12 - Let's Keep It Between Us,
13 - Mary From The Wild Moor,
14 - Covenant Woman,
15 - Solid Rock,
16 - Just Like A Woman,
17 - Senor (Tales Of Yankee Power),
18 - Simple Twist Of Fate,
19 - The Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar,
20 - When You Gonna Wake Up,
21 - In The Garden (aud) (from the boot cd 'Bob & Jerry'),
22 - Blowin' In The Wind,
23 - City Of Gold,
24 - It's All Over Now,Baby Blue (acoustic);

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