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Etta James and Bob Dylan.
Marriot Hotel.
Providence, RI.
July, 10 1986.
Today I'm offering a fresh transfer from my DAT.

I know there have been other versions circulated in the past, but none seem to sound as strong or have a lineage quite like mine does.

This was a jam session in the lobby of the Marriot Hotel, well after midnight. Dylan was headed for Hartford the next evening.

I'm not sure why Etta was in Providence, maybe she had a gig earlier that night.

Etta sounds like she's been drinking and does most of the singing.

Bob Dylan makes an attempt at singing "Earth Angel". Bob practices it first and then there is a tape stop.

The tape resumes as Bob's voice abruptly cuts in at the beginning of track 06.

There is also an unknown female back up singer, who is actually quite good during her brief moments, esp during "Goodnight Sweetheart".

One of the highlights is having a rare appearance of Shuggie Otis on lead guitar.

All in all this is a butcher of a performance, I guess the amazing fact is that it was even recorded.

Bob Dylan - vocal & guitar
Etta James - vocals
Jack McDuff - organ
Shuggie Otis - guitar
Richard Reid - bass
Paul Humphrey - drums
Unknown female back up singer, at times out shines Etta.

Set list:

01 You Win Again
02 I'm A King Bee
03 I'm A King Bee
04 Let The Good Times Roll
05 Earth Angel
06 Earth Angel
07 Goodnight Sweetheart

Total Time 30:49 min

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