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MIKE ONESKO BIO At the ripe old age of 17 Mike Onesko left his native Fairview Park Ohio for the greener pastures of San Francisco with just $60 and his guitar he hitchhiked his way across country till he arrived in S.F. Upon arrival he formed a power trio called Sundog and started exploring his musical journey playing long jams and heavy sabbath type riffs. Next was Steelwind a five piece outfit with keyboards, That featured John Warmouth on drums and Walker Kaeck(I Think I,m in Love) On vocals. They Headlined at Kezar Stadium just three years after Led Zeppelin played there!The Kwik and Three Man Army were next and they opened for many acts such as Robin Trower,Montrose,Nazareth,Great White,Mitch Ryder,Clarence Clemons,Mike was discovered in the clubs of Marin County California by Shrapnel records President Mike Varney! They formed the Blindside Blues Band with Scott Johnson on guitar,and Jeff Martin on drums and Gregg Chaisson on bass guitar.They put out three records with this lineup.Although Gregg played on the records he never did any live shows with the band!That duty was filled admirably by Kier Staeheli. The last Shrapnel lineup for the Blindside Blues Band was Mike Onesko,Mike Varney,Aysnley Dunbar,James Lomenzo.Mike produced and played on Cream of The Crop a tribute to Cream where he produced and performed with Pat Travers,Leslie West Tim Bogert,Rick Derrigner,Glenn Hughes,Neal Schon ,and many more!Mike went on to Comet Records in Italy to record many great records such as Mike Onesko,s Guitar Army,Smokehouse Sessions,Live At The Torrita Blues Festival,Italy,and Voodoo Crossing and Gypsy Blood both hendrix tributes.Recently,Mike and The Blindside Blues Band just completed their new release with the help of many friends! Davey Pattison,Mike Varney,Derek Reeve,Barry Prior,Jeff Martin is back in the fold! Those lineups included Emery Ceo current Blindside Blues Band MemberEmery Ceo ranks as one of the great unknown drummers of all time.Combining great jazz improvisation with the killer rock chops to balance it out!You can catch them all on the BLINSIDE BLUES BAND RELEASE KEEPERS OF THE FLAME ! ON ON THE NEW LIVE TRIBUTE TO CREAM! THE ONESKO-BOGERT-CEO PROJECT!! THE BIG ELECTRIC CREAM JAM and BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND SMOKEHOUSE SESSIONS!!!!

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