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There are lots of good obscure folk and folkrock lps on this Tennessee custom label, but this has got to be one of the most impressive I’ve heard. Indeed as far as female solos go I’m certain it’d be in the top five, right up there with Judy Kelly’s Window. Although there’s some fun hippie country folkrocking in these grooves Barbara goes beyond that into more adventuresome territory, much like Joni Mitchell pioneered in the ‘70s. For instance ‘The Parable Of Talents’, ‘Tea Dropped Down’, ‘Eagle’ and the hypnotic dreamy ‘The Ceramist’ are all rich with the progressive folk/psych ambience of British bands like Pentangle and Trees. Barbara handles guitar while a few helpers round out the sound on drums, rhythm guitar, keyboards, bass, steel, electric guitar, banjo and dobro. All of her songs are creative poetic compositions, completely devoid of cliche. What a breath of fresh air this is! (Ken Scott - Archivist)

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