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Atlantshaf, "Atlantshaf" (Dimma 2006): the word "Atlantshaf" translates as Atlantic, and refers to the Atlantic Ocean, which surrounds Iceland as is a big part of the country's heritage, industry, and lore. This is an Icelandic dream group and includes several players already introduced in this post. Joel Palsson is on tenor sax, Agnar Mar Magnusson on piano, Einar Scheving on drums, and Gunnlaugur Gudmundsson is on bass. Three leaders in Magnusson, Scheving, and Palsson, and the band shows that with its tight play, intricate parts, and creative improvisations. In fact, the CD was the winner of the Icelandic Music Award for Jazz in 2007. This is a nice piece of modern impressionistic jazz, free flowing bordering on the abstract. It's mellow and centered, with a set of soothing and lyrical songs, a lot of piano driven themes but room also for some fine bass solos and the lyrical play of Palsson on sax. Ten exquisite pieces, definitely one to look for.
Finally three quick hits so I can move on to other posts – this one has sat here for a couple of weeks while I soreted out my problems with the site.

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