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Athmossmusic is an international rock band, founded in June 2015. The group consists of Imre Meszaros “Athmoss” (vocals, keyboards, mixing), Antal “Slinky” Bosnyak (guitar & bass) and Sandor Meszaros “Alexandrex” (drums & percussion).

The two brothers, Imre and Sandor live in Germany while Slinky lives in Sweden. The only time the members have ever met was when they were filming the music video for their single, Constant Change in 2017.

The band’s story began in around 2014 with a simple SoundCloud collaboration between Athmoss and Slinky on the song called Father from Athmoss.

The name, Athmossmusic comes from the band leader Imre Meszaros who is well known from his demanding orchestrations. The designer/musician sees music as something more than audio. A good song must also transmit pictures, colors and feelings. It must have an individual atmosphere, it has to be that magical “rabbit hole” that leads you to a very special place.

“That is why I would never trust anyone else than myself to mix my songs. Sometimes I need weeks to finish a mix because I need to feel the Athmoss-phere”, says he, smiling.

After the classic rock style of the first singles in 2015-2016 (Melt the ice, U R the 1, Hit it hard) the band has switched its style more towards the progressive rock idiom, and in 2017 with the next single “Constant Change” presented a teaser for its future sounds. The next big milestone is a full concept album, named “Music Box (the tragic story of Arabella Jones)” in 2018.

Band line-Up:
Imre Meszaros aka Athmoss – keyboards, vocals and mixing
Antal “Slinky” Bosnyak – guitar and bass
Sandor Meszaros aka Alexandrex – drums and percussion

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