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120 Arquetypo band of post / punk and darkwave from Portugal. Fundada in 2004 with influences from The Cure, The Chameleons, Death In June, Fields of the Nephilim, Joy Division, 4AD, Ikon, Midnight Call, Clan of Xymox, New Order, The Danse Society, Actvs Tragicvs, Bramassaji, Seventh Legion.

Although the band began in 2004, its roots can be found in the late 80's, more precisely in 1988, when its founding members (Anthony and Paul) formed anomie. The purpose of these led to the rise of another band, the Remains of Elizabeth, who in 1991 gave stopped their activities, following each element different musical projects. However, in 1999 comes the idea of restarting the project, aimed not only repescar the old themes but, above all, create new compositions. However, due to personal reasons, only two of the three founding members (above) remained ahead and took the idea to reform the band. This fact, combined with the use of new technologies, which caused a sound change, meant that he felt the need to create a new project from scratch, so temdo born in 2004, the Archetype 120. Baptisms at the beginning of Kali Ashti, Wikinews's sibling spent the two years to compose and rehearse until the summer of 2006, comes the opportunity to record an album. This was written by David Reis (In Tempus) and Pedro Bat (Phantom Vision), the latter also produced the work. The result was an album of nine tracks, titled "Obsession" .2007 sees the online edition and a free promo containing two of the topics included in this record, "Angel's Fall" and "Heartache and Death", while in 2008 it is edited via Enough Records (http://enoughrecords.scene.org), the live recording "First Whispers - Live at Plano B, Porto, 3.20.2008" also download it in free, containing, besides the topics included in the long term two new songs. Currently, the band is working on a second recording studio, which will include 15 tracks, while it is already build the cornerstone of the third album. In addition to being named in the latest book by Mick Mercer, "Music To Die For," is planned for this year 2009, for inclusion in a compilation of Fatal Object, along with bands like , Detective, Les Provisions , MAY vs Femme Fatale, P., Zero Nitrate, among others … Were included also in the soundtrack to short film / stop motion "The Gospel of a Murderer," with the theme "Dance."

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